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MA in Theatre and Performance (Theatre Making)

MA in Theatre and Performance (Theatre Making)
This Masters programme focuses on the activity of creating theatre pieces in a South African tradition of collective theatre making. Many of the practical explorations and the final thesis production that map the student’s enquiry are therefore original, new South African works. 

The programme offers theatre practitioners – directors, actors, playwrights – the opportunity to explore and develop their individual impulses within the practice of making theatre . 

The aim of this course is to produce mature, highly skilled, independent and creative theatre practitioners capable of creating, producing and managing their own work. 

The course extends over two years of full time study, with the November to January period in the middle being a research period. The academic year begins on 1 February.

The student will create two practical theatre projects and present one seminar paper in line with the intellectual enquiry proposed by the student. These projects will be supported through:

  •  Workshops on strategies for creating stories
  •  Workshops on structure
  •  Workshops on rhythm
  •  Participation in undergraduate performance courses as appropriate

Independent study
During the summer break, the student will create a one person show for performance early in the second year.

The student will present a seminar paper and prepare the final project, the thesis production. 

For the thesis production students are required to create and direct or create and perform in a new piece of theatre. The thesis production is accompanied by a written explication which outlines the theory underpinning the production.

Admission requirements:
An Honours degree in Drama, or a four-year degree of Honours equivalence or in the absence of Drama Honours, equivalent experience / expertise / alternative degree(s).