MA (Research)

The acceptance of dissertation proposals for the MA (Research) is dependent on the availability of a suitable supervisor. Areas of specialised research in the department include:

  •  Theatre Making
  •  Directing for the Theatre
  •  Performance Studies
  •  South African & African Theatre
  •  Educational and Applied Drama
  •  Theatre Voice Practise

The department welcomes all enquiries as the possibility of joint supervision with other departments allows for a much broader range of theoretical enquiries than the areas of specialisation suggested above. 

Programme Structure:
This is a degree done by written dissertation (50 000 words) only on an approved research topic. The dissertation may be visually supported if appropriate. In selected cases, subject to approval by the Head of Department, partial fulfilment of the dissertation may be in the form of the production of a play, or a performance, or other forms of practical work. In such cases the practical component will constitute a maximum of 20% of the final mark and the number of words in the written dissertation will be reduced proportionally.

Admission requirements:
An Honours degree in Drama, or a four-year degree of Honours equivalence or in the absence of Drama Honours, equivalent experience / expertise / alternative degree(s).