Mahareng: Passage of a Bird

13 May 2019 - 15:15

Mahareng: The Passage of a Bird, based on a myth by Pule Welch and Samantha Nell, has been collaboratively made by the CTDPS 3rd year Acting students. The production considers migration and its associated challenges through tracing the passage of a bird that was born to a human King and Queen.  The bird is forced to take on human qualities.  When the nation realise that the boy-child is in fact a bird, they cast the King, Queen and their bird-child out.  Their only hope is for their child to remember how to fly.  They take him into the Land of the Dead to drink from the River of Remembrance.  He remembers how to fly and carves a path of stars through the sky for his parents to follow.  However, after the King, Queen and Bird have been cast out, power struggles over who should lead the nation erupt, resulting in civil war.  The land burns and everyone is forced to flee.  Their only hope is to follow the path of stars carved by the bird in the sky.  The production traces the many trials and tribulations they must face on this journey to ‘freedom’. 

Various sites on Hiddingh Campus are being utilised. The audience will journey from site to site.  Please wear comfortable shoes and dress warmly.

Venue: UCT Hiddingh Campus

Run: Wednesday 22 – Saturday 25 May 2019

Time: 19h30

Ticket price: R70 general admission / R50 students and pensioners

Tickets will be available at the door however it is advisable to pre-book via

Workshopped and performed by: CTDPS 3rd Year Acting Students

Directed by: Sara Matchett

Choreography: Jackie Manyaapelo

Percussion: Alfred Kunutsor

Vocal coach: Morné Steyn

Costume: Leigh Bishop

Lighting: Shamiel Abrahams

Set: Bridie Bird