Moeders en Dogters

25 Sep 2019 - 21:45

The play:
The award winning family drama, "Moeders en Dogters", was first published in 1983 and first staged in 1985. Set against the political instability of the 1976 Soweto student uprising, the play examines the lives of three  daughters, their mother and domestic worker. 

The production:
Reimagined for the bilingual Afrikaans 4th year students at CTDPS, with permission from the playwrite, Corlia Fourie, we have held onto the drama, let go of the realism somewhat... and set it in present day, October 2019.

The story:
The sudden death of the father, a well known Artist, Gert Cilliers - Smit, gathers the three sisters under one roof for the first time, in more than 3 years. As the saying goes... You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family.

Anna, the eldest. - Jade Butcher
Susan, middle. - Tyra KJ Abt
Gertjie, youngest - Celeste Loots
Ma - Celeste Loots

With special thanks to:
Deirde Jantjies
Edelweiss Kruidenier 

Directed by: Lee-Ann van Rooi 
Assisted by: Roland Du Preez, Kathleen Stephens
Costume: Leigh Bishop
Lighting: Ronel Jordaan
Conceptual design: Lee-Ann van Rooi
Set construction: Lungile Cindi

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