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Susan-Lori Parks' Venus is a spectacle of the senses, an act of transgressing prescribed theatrical modes and interrogating the paradoxes of being. We follow the archival life of Sara Baartman/The Venus Hottentot through the interrogation of the Negro Ressurectionist/s and uncover moments patched together like an ill-fitting quilt upon the senses. 

This interpretation of the play at UCT's Centre for Theatre Dance and Performance Studies is presented by 4th yr acting students: Zizo (surname), Katlego Mhlongo, Lungile( surname), Luhle (surname), Kylie (surname), Mamello (surname), Anathi (surname), kaylie (surname), Luthabo (surname)and Lwanele (surname) under the direction of Warona Seane.

The play is but a fictional presentation drawn from the myriad archives that exist, around the life of Sara Baartman in Europe. Parks mentions that it is meant to be a show, a spectacle of remembrance and re-membering, a transgression and subversion of any supposed modes possibly prescribed by the ever increasing isms we are allegedly governed by. 

Venus runs at the Arena Theatre on UCT's Hiddingh Campus, on Orange Street, from 2nd October-5th October 2019 at 19h30 each evening.

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