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Terri Elliot


Teaches Applied Theatre, Expressive Arts (Intermediate phase) and Drama Method (Senior Phase).

Terri completed her Masters degree with a focus on both Directing and Applied Theatre. She is passionate about the ways in which Drama can be used in education. Her areas of interest include: finding ways to bridge gaps and address issues of inequality that are the result of a bimodal education system in South Africa, and investigating the ways in which drama and theatre can benefit various communities. 

Terri is interested in finding out the ways in which theatre can be moved off of the stage and into different spaces in order to elicit some sort of change. Terri worked in various capacities within education before lecturing as well as working on several projects for the WCED. In her teacher-training workshops, she explores the benefit of drama as a cross-curricular teaching methodology. She recently co-authored a series of Creative Arts textbooks for the new CAPS syllabus and has worked in community development and training as well as in theatre management.