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Postgraduate Applications

In order to be considered for admission to a postgraduate programme you need to complete a formal UCT application (UCT Postgraduate Application page). 


Admission Requirements

BA(Honours) specialising in Drama (126 NQF credits) 

Convener: Associate Professor Veronica Baxter. 

(a) Faculty requirements are set out under Rule FH3. 

(b) Special requirements: 

  • Applicants should include a CV and the names and contact details of at least two referees who have knowledge of their work in Drama and Theatre. The inclusion of other testimonials is optional. 
  • Applicants for the Applied, Directing, Playwriting and Technical Theatre Streams should arrange an interview before the end of the preceding year. 
  • Applicants from outside Cape Town who are accepted should arrange an interview on arrival in Cape Town. 

The choice of courses and stream will be determined in consultation with the Head of Department, whose decision will be final. Acceptance is on the recommendation of the Head of Department. 

The course will commence early in February - usually several weeks before the beginning of the Undergraduate Academic quarter. 

There are 4 streams in the Honours specialisation: 

  • Applied Theatre Stream 
  • Directing Stream 
  • Playwriting Stream 
  • Technical Theatre Stream 

NOTE: Not all streams will be offered every year. 

You can make preliminary enquiries to Ms. Shabnam Pansari, or Associate Professor Veronica Baxter, the Honours Programme Convenor, Department of Drama, UCT, prior to officially applying to the university. 

Email: postgrad.drama@uct.ac.za, tel +27 (0)21 650 7121

Students who have a three-year major in Drama with final marks of 65% or more will be considered for the course. In special circumstances students without full majors or with lower marks may be admitted, depending upon their previous drama experience and /or their reasons for wanting to pursue Drama at a post-graduate level. 


Entry to the MA programme is usually for candidates who hold four year or honours degrees in drama and preferably some experience in the theatre industry. At the discretion of the head of department, students with a BA degree in cognate areas, or a three year BA with a major in Drama and sufficient work experience may be admitted to the programme.

Admission Requirements

Applicants are required to have a Hons degree or equivalent qualification. In addition, application for Masters by Research (Dissertation 100%) are required to submit a research proposal. No formal registration can take place until the proposal has been considered and approved by the department’s Higher Degrees Committee (HDC).

Admission through the recognition of prior learning is possible in appropriate circumstances. Such admission is processed and decided in terms of the RPL policy and must be approved by the HOD.

The HDC communicates its decision to the Faculty Office who will inform the applicant and process the registration.

Registration procedure

Registration is processed by the Faculty Office. The student is required to obtain the signatures of the Programme Convenor and the Deans’ representative (Deputy Dean: Research, Director: Graduate

Programmes or Graduate Programmes Officer) before the registration is completed and recorded on the system. An MOU (or annual supplement) must be submitted at registration.

Appointment of supervisors

Research Masters: The candidate is accepted when the research proposal is accepted and the supervisor approved by HOD. The HOD forwards the research proposal, which details the supervisor, to the Faculty Office who refers the recommendation for ratification to the Director: Graduate Studies. It is then published in the Dean’s Circular.

Coursework Masters: Candidates are required to have approval for their research topic and supervisor by end of first year of studies. The HOD forwards the name of the supervisor and the research topic to the Director: Graduate Studies. It is then published in the Dean’s Circular.

Students will be required to attend an interview/audition and /or provide a portfolio of work and the names of two contactable references to seek admission to the course.

Phd (Theatre and Performance)

The acceptance of dissertation proposals is dependent on the availability of a suitable supervisor. Areas of specialised research in the department include:

  • Theatre Making
  • Directing for the Theatre
  • Performance Studies
  • Educational and Applied Drama

The department welcomes all enquiries as the possibility of joint supervision with other departments allows for a much broader range of theoretical enquiries than the areas of specialisation suggested above.

Email: postgrad.ctdps@uct.ac.za, tel +27 (0)21 650 7121